Hi.  We're Stitch & Scribe

Thanks for taking the time to read about my business and my creative passion, Stitch & Scribe.

My name is Candice and my business, Stitch & Scribe, started in January 2015. Since I've opened, I've run year-round out of my home which has been a great balance for my family. 

Opening Stitch & Scribe wasn't my first experience or business with personalized products. Back in 2005, I became co-owner of  Santa’s Scribes personalized ornaments (a holiday focused business). In 2018, we made the decision to end the partnership and close Santa’s Scribes. I now operate as one business- Stitch & Scribe- where I offer personalized products, online, year round. 

Looking to have a name added to a special item? Looking to have your small business logo embroidered on a polo? I can likely help! Feel free to contact me at contact@stitchandscribe.com and let's talk about your project!